About us

Hotel El Marañon

The BIO-Hotel El Marañon is located in La Trinidad de Ciudad Colón along the Old Street between Piedades de Santa Ana and Ciudad Colón. The hotels property offers 14 rooms, a restaurant with 50 seats, bar, lounge with crafts, cuisine, wine cellar, bathrooms and offices, a hall for 50 people with bathrooms, showers and a small Rancho for Spanish classes, which all is located on 2000m². Besides the reception the offices of the 

Core Values:

– Offers high quality products and cultural, ecological, social and sustainable services.

1º Green buildings:

– Used materials: wood (teak) from a plantation of small producers of Hojancha, recycled Plastic ceiling and walls (Siding) and insulator

– Natural light (large windows and transparent roofs)

– Natural ventilation, so there is no need of fans and A/C

– Solar energy

– Local builders

2º Use of sustainable material and maintenance:

– Biodegradable material in all areas

– Local and national products

3º Natural garden:

– Maintenance without use of chemicals

– With maximum production of food e.g. fruits and herbs

– With plants and handling that renews and strengthens the soil and attracts animals like birds and butterflies

4º Recycling & compost:

– Reuse packaging materials and used/returnable containers minimizing the use of plastic

– Collaboration with “Ecological Services”, a local recycling company that collects plastic, glass, cardboard & paper, tetrapack and metal

– Composting of biodegradable material of the kitchen and the garden